Friday, August 28, 2009

Got stopped out of IGR, cancelled stop loss orders, bought back IGR, bought IIA

While I was on vacation earlier in August 2009, with stop loss orders set at 20% on most and 25% for harvest, I came back and discovered that I got stopped out of one of my positions, the ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund (IGR), because the price temporarily and suddenly dropped mid-day by some 40% as if one large position was cashed out all at once. I got stopped out relatively high on that drop, and the price subsequently shot almost right back up to where it was, albeit a little below the high for the day. Not only had I cashed out on a stop loss after a 50% gain in about two months' time, but I was also able to buy it back lower than I had been stopped out of it. However, I only bought back enough shares to equal $ 200 worth and kept the rest in cash.

With the extra cash from that, and some extra cash I threw in, I also acquired a position in ING Clarion Real Estate Income Fund (IIA), which I have long been eyeing and finally bought, again about $ 200 worth.

Near middle of August 2009, there was a more sudden sharp drop in the overall market over two or three trading days which was nothing more or less than a normal profit-taking correction, however, nearly all of my stop loss orders were in danger of being triggered. It was then I decided to cancel all the stop loss orders and instead watch the positions closely.

All my positions are long, and I don't want to get stopped out due to normal market movements even if they are somewhat volatile still. However, I still need to be ready to sell in the event of any unforeseen acatastrophic event.

In the meantime, my overall portfolio is up 10% and enjoying monthly dividends of about 13% annualized and growing still.

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