Monday, July 13, 2009

High Yield Monthly Dividends - Focus on Harvest Energy Trust

Recently after watching the dividends get cut and the value of my holdings in Harvest Energy Trust (HTE) drop almost 50% and approach its 52 week lows, I became absolutely convinced it was time to buy. Therefore, instead of acquring a new position in a different high yield monthly dividend security, I doubled down on HTE. Looking around, it seemed the popular consensus was the same as mine, that by and large Harvest will outperform. There may be some additional short term pain, but the near-long-term gain should be significant. Nobody seems to think that oil prices will stay so completely supressed for very much longer, with the related stocks still trading at armageddon levels, and I have to agree. Even modest growth, combined with significant inflation, I think will send these energy stocks soaring. Harvest in particular is struggling to wade through the downturn, but has cut dividends to help eliminate debt and is very well positioned to benefit handsomely from the forthcoming rebound, which I believe is now right around the corner. This is one that could never trade this low ever again, or at least not until heavy dependence on oil is eliminated some 50 to 100 years down the road. Therefore, while I would by no means put all my cards in the HTE basket, I have added a few more to the bunch. I knew it was a great deal when I originally bought it, and after the price dropped 50% from that level, I just had to buy some more.

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